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Main Gallery - New England Plein Air Painters Paint Vermont

Bryan Memorial Gallery’s first presentation of the New England Plein Air Painters, in fall ’08, rocked the boat!  Gallery attendance surged; at the beginning of a recession, sales were impressive, and most of all, a camaraderie developed among many of our locals and the visiting artists.  It was the kind of experience one looks forward to repeating.

Then suddenly, a generous offer from a member of our community made it possible for Bryan Memorial Gallery to offer housing to the members of the NEPAP, heading to Jeffersonville to paint.  In the great tradition of Charles Curtis Allen and Emile Gruppe, the gallery found itself in the enviable position to invite the New England Plein Air Painters to Vermont to paint and prepare for the exhibition that opens this year’s season:  May 2, 2010. 

New England Plein Air Painters Paint Vermont will feature new work by these artists, who have painted in Jeffersonville, VT within the last year. 

T.A. Charron T.M. Nicholas
Robert Duffy Tom Nicholas, N.A.
William P. Duffy Dianne Panarelli Miller
Michael Graves Margaret McWethy
William Hanson Stefan Alexis Pastuhov
Stapleton Kearns Caleb Stone
Barbara Lussier Don Stone, N.A.
Christopher Magadini Eric Tobin