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Bryan Memorial Gallery Volunteers

Bryan Memorial Gallery volunteers provide the sun, the moon and the stars for the gallery’s efforts.  Our volunteers preside over every aspect of the gallery’s activities from greeting visitors, to installing exhibitions.  They stuff envelopes, cater receptions, answer phones, care for the collections, run errands, monitor workshops, gather flowers, and many offer their professional expertise in their chosen fields of endeavor.  We can’t live without them, and they are genuinely a manifestation of “the more, the merrier.” 

So if you have a few minutes or a few weeks on your hands that you’d like to share for the good of the arts community in Jeffersonville, and for the good of artists in New England, let us know.  You can email our Executive Director,, and she will be overjoyed to get your message.  Let her know when you are available to help out, and you can bet you’ll be welcomed! 

By the way, Bryan Memorial Gallery is a member of the Vermont Museum and Gallery Alliance, so all our volunteers get membership identification cards, good for complementary admission to over 150 arts institutions throughout the state.  What a deal!